Bode Redaan
High Lord Bode Redaan
Played By Orlando Jones
Fullname: High Lord Bode Redaan
Gender: Male
Species: Human Tapani
Age: 59
Homeworld: Obulette
Faction: Mecetti
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 147


Bode Redaan was born into a family with a long running feud, one he managed to take care of in his own time - to some degree. His father expressed his dislike of House Pelagia from the moment Bode could breathe and that is the depth of Bode’s hatred for the rival house. There is a great deal of resentment built up within his very bones that it is no wonder that when he was in command of Mecetti that he was the one that swept in to cut the great House down a peg or two. It is a wonder Mecetti survived…and that Pelagia has remain alive as well. It does not mean that Bode is done by any means.

He takes this feud to heart and there is future hope of wiping Pelagia from the sector completely.

When he was twenty-five he was wed to a woman of influence, the daughter of the leader of house Krenin of Mecetti. It took some effort but the two bore two children. Boudicea was born when he was twenty-nine and several years later Bodhran was born. Due to complications and other medical issues, High Lady Drea Redaan was bid to no longer bear children. Yet that did not stop the disease from spreading through her neurological system. While Bode was taking control of his house at age thirty-five, Drea was showing symptoms of problems that would only grow.

Before her death, she bid they take in a child, another boy named Tarse. A ward of House Mecetti. Where he came from Drea would not say but she insisted that he become part of the noble house. The boy was all of five years old when he joined the house as a ward and Drea never explained as to why.

Drea passed away five years after that due to complications. The strong woman Bode saw as an equal in his Empire lost. He grows more resolute and cruel. This meant in the two years after her death when Pelagia was weak, he struck with a vengeance and wreaked havoc on the unfortunate house.

These days Bode does not make for good company because one can never tell when he is joking or serious. His moods swing and it takes his daughter Boudicea to keep the level head in negotiations.


The is a complex association of characteristics that makes him stand out in a crowd. Curling hair is cut close to his head and he is clean shaven. His mouth protrudes slightly from the front of his face, set with large lips that are easily witnessed in a smirk. His eyes are much the same, larger and rather prominent upon his face beneath a pair of arched brows. His nose slopes and gains presence towards the tip. His look is unique and his countenance is a warm mocha color. He is taller, broad of shoulder but svelte and long limbed. He commands with his presence alone.

He wears a clean white silk shirt and a fitted vest that is tailored to precise measurements. A pair of pants fall low to the shined shoes that are likely new every time he wears them. A few rings decorate his hand in gold, one the signet of his house. He is a man that commands on presence rather than what he wears. A scar runs along the left side of his neck to his back, faded, healed and old.


Bode is a confusing and rather scary man, quick to anger, laugh or any other thing. He is not exactly there but he is precise when he needs to be and off-balanced when it serves him best. He knows what is important and he sets his sights on it. One thing is clear however, his family is his world and no matter what their loyalty is paramount to how he is informed as a person. The man makes most people uneasy with his off color jokes and ill timed comments that are meant to put others on edge. It gives Bode the upper hand. He is good at it. He also backs up his threats so most people play along to be certain they do not end up on his bad side.



Boudicea Redaan
Lady Heir Daughter
Boudicea is the best of both her mother and I. She is the voice of reason as of late. I know she will make an excellent High Lady.

Bodhran Redaan
Serene Lord Son
He lacks the conviction we need in this house to finish what we started. I am not sure what can be done for him.

Drea Redaan
High Lady WIfe
Deceased Drea was a strong woman, my equal and than some. She had high hopes for Mecetti and our children. I will not fail her.

Tarse Ra Set
He is Mecetti through and through. A figure of malice and cruelty. He has the patience of a waiting viper.

Quinlan Deront
The attendant of our Emissary. I find him to be questionable at best. His intentions…are unclear but he aids Tarse and for the moment that is enough.

Theus Paddox
High Lord
Your title means so very little, like the air you breathe.

Ulen Cleary
We shall see.

Story Hooks

  • High Lord: He leads Mecetti in all things. They may be powerful but they are not well liked.
  • Dead Wife: Drea was a very important part of his world and since she passed he has grown more cruel and malicious.
  • Vendetta: He carries the flame started by his predecessors to one day wipe out House Pelagia.
  • Empire: House Mecetti is a favored of the Empire..or was. It is unclear as to how much favor remains.


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