Boudicea Redaan
Lady Heir Boudicea Redaan
Played By Ruth Negga
Fullname: Lady Heir Boudicea Redaan
Gender: Female
Species: Human Tapani
Age: 30
Homeworld: Obulette
Faction: Mecetti
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 128


Boudicea was born into a house of great contention and layered with hefty expectations. Her father had a great deal of expectation for the young heir to be and she easily gave in to his demands, settling into the role of next game player of the house. Bode did not let up on his daughter and it became more apparent how driven he was after he took the position from his father. High Lord - it wore him well and he it.

Boudicea for her part was never far from these lessons and as she got older was taken on many meetings. This brought a great deal of contention between her and her brother who grew ever jealous that he was kept from such instrumental house tasks. Their mother, Drea, began to teach the boy sword play. It was during one of their tours of Obulette among the people that the family was attacked and Drea was grievously wounded. She would never recover and Boudicea realized just what was at stake.

Their father became more solidified in his beliefs and drove Boudicea’s lessons home. Making her focused and ruthless just like himself. Cruelty with a bit of flare. Mecetti is nothing if not rife with flare.

Boudicea has lived her life given solely to duty and the game. She is past her prime marrying age but there is a new found match that has come into play. She is to wed Ulen Cleary, the next strongest house of Calipsa. As the Warsheld’s do not have another to wed away, they made the match for the Clearys. She now awaits her wedding day with great disdain.


Everything about the woman is unique starting from her hair to her chin, her countenance is truly one of a kind. Her skin is a combination of mocha and olive that gives her warmth and vitality. Her eyes are large, slightly hooded and protruding which balances them against the rest of her features. Her lips are rather full and of a deeper mauve, with laugh lines cutting into her full cheeks. Her nose is not small but the tip is curved, fuller than the bridge which narrows between her rather unique eyes. Her chin is small, her jawline cut close and the wealth of dark hair is almost riotous in the way it's cut close and styled to give her some added height. She is average in stature and with some curves to her soft form.

Her tastes are simple. A blouse of pale jade green is cut low in the front with fitted sleeves that flare towards the end, caught in cuffs at her wrists. A pair of high waisted black leather pants are cut to her very size and paired with a heeled black boot that gives her some added height. A thin gold necklace is the only accent to her outfit that makes her more practical than noble looking. What she lacks in her outfit is presented in her demeanor.


Her version of humor is dry, satirical and all together sharp which gives itself well to her severe look upon the world. She is a woman of means and a driven vision. She has inherited her father’s resolve and it shows in everything she does. The future of her house is upon her shoulders and it is a job she has wholly given herself to. She can celebrate with the best of them but there always seems to be the weight of expectation about her. But she is hardly one to buckle beneath it.



Bode Redaan
High Lord Father
He is one of the most ruthless creatures I know. Not a bad role model even if our relationship is not nurturing.

Drea Redaan
High Lady
Deceased Mother was always so together and austere but she had good words of wisdom. It would be nice if she was not gone.

Bodhran Redaan
Serene Lord Brother
Bodhran has the stomach for little to nothing at all. I suspect he will be of no help when I finally lead.

Tarse Ra Set
There is something not right about him but he knows where his loyalty lies.

Quinlan Durant
He smiles far too much.

Ulen Cleary
It has finally happened. The match has been made. Could be worse things.

Story Hooks

  • Heir: She has grown into this expectation and it fits her well.
  • Unmarried: Despite her age she has yet to marry…though that seems likely to change soon.
  • Games: She enjoys games: chance, odds, puzzles, wit.



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