Ceren A'Kana
Ceren A'kana
Played By Imogen Poots
Fullname: Ceren A'kana
Alias: Cer
Gender: Female
Species: Human Tapani
Age: 27
Homeworld: Achillea
Faction: Cadriaan
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 103


Ceren is the only daughter of Kresis A’kana and his late wife Cerys A’kana nee Alenin of Mecetti. Sadly her mother passed when she was twelve and Ceren has very few memories though they have stuck with her in the interim. She is a lovely girl with a sweet disposition and enjoying music, arts and gardening. When she was eight she very young she started to exhibit signs of some form of mental illness. Her father with his connections and wealth made certain she received the best help immediately, and her mother constant support. Music was the one way that they could reach her when she had episodes that left her panicked and confused.

All of this has meant life has been quite different for Ceren. She has a constant companion, a nurse who watches from a distance in case of trouble with the lady. Even as she has grown older she still has episodes and her ability to understand the world around her continues to develop but at a far slower pace than it should. She is nearly childlike but her insights and views provide a great deal of conversation fodder between her and her father.

After her mother’s death, Kresis viewed his daughter as a troubled savant, her brilliant moments of insight helping to solve some of his own troubles but sometimes those very insights scared her. Leaving the young woman agoraphobic. She was moved into the High Lord’s home not long after her mother passed and it was there that, in payment for his work, the High Lord made certain Ceren had her own private garden where others could not interrupt or frighten her. She had a peaceful existence but as age continued to creep, so did her disquiet. Her mind was aging forward, causing her to realize over time that something was different about her but these lucid moments did not always last.

Her mind trapped in a body that refuses to function correctly. Medicine is used to dull her senses so that she is not overwhelmed, giving her strange peaceful moments where she has little to say or seems oblivious to the world around her. Kresis has pushed for the medication to remain, seeing just how panicked Ceren can get when the broken reality of her world hits.

She resides currently within the main home of the Bathos family. A welcome presence, especially to the High Lord-Consort and his son who spend time singing with her and gardening. She is a little ghost in a big house.


The delicate woman is thin, willowy and all together fair in color. Golden hair is a fall of unruly waves down around her pixie features. They are often unbrushed and free, much like the rest of the woman who stands at average height. Eyes of pale blue peer from beneath gentle sloping brows and a fringe of curly waves. Her nose, a little too big for her face makes her countenance decidedly unique rather than gorgeous. Her cheekbones are high, slightly defined and her face round, soft, demure in make. Her long neck is the elegance that reflects the length of limbs, fingers and legs, making the petite woman appear taller than she is.

She wears a lacy, flowing dress of off white with long open sleeves that allow for free airy movement. Nothing is fitted or tight, giving her a sort of fluid appearance hemmed in lace and embroidered in flowers. Flat slippers in satin are worn and overused but obviously a favorite with how often they are repaired. She wears on her wrist a ribbon that has been lightly tied in a pale blue to stand out against her pale skin. Oft times there are flowers strewn in the wild waves of her hair.


Ceren is sweet, oblivious, and broken. To her everyone is good and a potential friend. Though she may break at times, falling beneath the shattered mind, she is all too often full of smiles or little quipped words. A bit of insight here and there that seems altogether too wise for someone such as herself. As if the very thoughts are gifted to her by the breeze. But her good moods can suddenly swing if the medication fades or she is struck particularly hard by an episode, leaving her violent and distressed like a cornered animal.



Kresis A'kana
There are clouds around him and sharp metallic images. He smells of musty books and the taste of copper on my tongue. He familiar warmth on a cold night.

Cerys A'kana
The wind, the flowers, the birds, all that is around me is my mother. I hear her every day. In the song, in the air, in the beating of my heart. She has not gone. She lives.

Adeen Bathos
Highest Lady
Sadness. Sadness and steel. Hot steel. She stands like a mountain.

Xer Bathos
High Lord Artist
A dreamer with this eyes open and the dream slips away. Lamentation in smiles. Songs in colors on canvas.

Xemeer Bathos
Lord of Song
He sees more than he knows. He holds more than he knows. His songs speak of greatness yet to come.

Linara Bathos
Control chaos in gilded raiment. Tighened spring, coiled, ready to release and fly.

Story Hooks

  • Touched: Ceren is not all there but she is no less a good companion, but a very interesting one.
  • Cadriaan: She resides directly with the Bathos family in their main estate.
  • Gardening: Flowers, plants, the dirt itself. She is a child of nature.
  • Singing: Music, not just singing is a joy for Ceren and is often how one can get her attention.



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