Davine Warsheld
Lord Heir Davine Warsheld
Played By Danielle Henney
Fullname: Lord Heir Davine Warsheld
Gender: Male
Species: Human Tapani
Age: 24
Homeworld: Calipsa
Faction: Calipsa
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 142


The only child of an elder father and a youthful mother, Davine’s family dynamic was a strange one. He was living with the shadows of a previous family every day of his life. There were days his father lamented their loss and then yet others where Davine was the focus of his every moment. It was a lonely childhood, haunted, plagued and guided by a great many tutors that saw to his upbringing more than his parents did.

Davine grew to learn how to entertain himself through various acts and often through pranks. The poor staff would have to deal with the all too bored boy who was so often in their way. It was when Ilones Cleary became the advisor and ambassador that he got a taste of what was outside the sheltered life he was living. The young woman was filled with stories, ideas, wonders and brought him things to help him better understand what life was outside a gilded cage. Davine had to be protected at all costs so seeing them directly was never going to be an option.

He learned a few languages from the intelligent Ilones and over time they had become friends, confidants and she his mentor. Davine looked up to her. Found her to be the most vibrant thing in their aged and distressed court. It was she that told him all things were possible once he became High Lord. It is to this day he looks towards, hoping that it will be soon.


The man stands well over six feet tall, leading many first impressions of his youthful face to be directed upward. Bearing both the strength of his father's jaw and the high, well-defined cheekbones of his mother, his is the face of one who knows both what it is to be alive and to be burdened with responsibility. A strong brow, rarely drawn down, is not yet lined by the demands of House and obligation. His face is nearly always smooth-shaven with fair fawn features that would be boyish if not for his stature. He bears the eyes of his parents - dark brown, bright with intellect and ever-watchful even if they sometimes look past the more overt flaws of a person.

His smile is easy and often worn, with cheeks even suggesting the hint of dimples. His voice resonates well in his imposing frame, and frequently his laughter can be heard from rooms away. He is often outfitted in the latest fashions, accented in the colors of Calipsa. On occasion, scuffs and abrasions are seen on his cuffs, or polished boots bear dirt and dust not likely found so openly on House grounds. No jewelry adorns his hands or neck, previous pieces of family designation having gone missing with enough frequency to forego replacement.


Davine is a structured young man but with a thirst for the new and different. His curiosity often far outweighs his upbringing. He thirsts for knowledge and travel, resentful of his current place in life - waiting for the next big step when he can be completely free of his cage. His humor is sardonic, untested, and a little rough but he does not seem to feel awkward in those moments, rather accepting who he is and how he sees the world. It is HIS world after all.



Zenna Warsheld
High Lady Mother
My mother knows what she wants for herself and for me. I can not say I appreciate it all. She tries far too much.

Weston Warsheld
High Lord Father
If I remain alive half as long as he has, that will be a full life. He is all too often paranoid and worried. He says Calipsa is on the edge of something great, whether a fall or flight is not made clear.

Ilones Cleary
Lady Ambassador
She shows me with just her presence what I am missing beyond the walls of the Warsheld estate. She is my greatest ally and friend.

Linara Bathos
Serene Lady
My mother does not hide her plans from me and I am not against this match but I know so very little about her. I suspect we shall meet soon enough.

Story Hooks

  • Heir: A lot rests on his shoulders and instead of feeling anxious he is excited. Taking the leadership would mean freedom to do as he wishes.
  • Shut-In: Protected at all costs, Davine rarely travels and it is always interviews and newsfeeds that allow the others, even his peers to see what he is up to.
  • Elder Father: His father is an elder in the greatest sense. The oldest High Lord in existence. Maybe he will live forever and cause Davine to stay where he is.
  • Second Family: He and his mother are his father’s second family. There is a lot of ghosts living in his home with him.



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