Hycliff Romero
Lord Ser Hycliff Romero III
Played By Javier Bardem
Fullname: Lord Ser Hycliff Romero III
Alias: Cliff
Gender: Male
Species: Human Tapani
Age: 48
Homeworld: Barnaba
Faction: Barnaba
Hair: Brown-greying
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 192


The Romero’s have a long line of family members that have served the high noble family of Barnaba safe. Hycliff is the seventh generation of Romeros to serve at the behest of the Arabella family. His roll is multifaceted, serving as both protector and ambassador for the current High Lady, Varin Arabella.

Hycliff was the first child of Ser Hycliff Romero II and Lady Ention Romero nee Caravale, a woman of another minor house within Barnaba’s borders. Hycliff the third was the first but after him came quite a few issue: twins after him named Ellis and Einar, identical brothers; a sister named Entia; another brother by the name of Fornest; and finally another daughter, the baby of the family by the name of Faille. The family was a prolific one, with many cousins spanning the sector and even outside. Honor came with the Romero name due to the work that the family had done for the head house.

At a young age, Hycliff was trained in all the matters he would attend to once he took his father’s place. He was competent even if he felt tasked with an obligation he had never asked for. His mother, a guiding beacon in regards to the use of words and how it would serve him better than his blade at times. He excelled and even loved the artful use of words, both written and spoken. He found it better to be charming then quick to anger and this served him well.

Obligations still crept up around him and the weight of the inevitable future, whether it be sooner or later settled itself upon his shoulders. In obstinate stubbornness he refused to give his word and pledge himself when he became of age which in turn caused quite a bit of trouble, the house name and honor in jeopardy. What came with this pledge was a wife chosen for him by High Lord Vares Arabella, the current head of house. Hycliff had hoped to choose for himself, thus when he found out there was no way around it he refused to pledge. That is until he saw the effect it had on his family and what else it put into jeopardy beyond his freedom to choose.

His siblings would not be given good matches to raise their family into higher status. To secure all of their futures, Hycliff finally gave in and he was paired with Lady Terese Ondon, a house of great standing. It connected him to an influential house and he could not begrudge the match, even if it was not his choice.

But his future was far more joyful. Years later they were wed and Hycliff began to realize the quiet and observant Terese was opinionated and more than his match. He fell in love in the early years of their marriage and together they began to have their own family. Patris, his first born daughter was followed by Didorn, his son and the one that would follow in his footsteps. They were his pride and joy. Both have begun to grow into their own and Hycliff has settled into his role.

During his time serving the Great Council and House Arabella he has successfully, with the power of his words, kept trouble at bay. Forging alliances slowly and understandings if nothing else with the other houses. He is a great man who has only begun to exceed the role his father left for him.


The man wears his years upon his face, sun-kissed, craggy, lined; unlike the other nobles around him he does not mind his appearance. His features are full, a large nose and full lips set off a rather prominent jaw line. Eyes are large, slightly protruding beneath a severe brow that expresses quite readily all that he wishes to share. His eyes are a deep brown, carrying a warmth more often than not. He is a tall man, standing well over six foot with a strong build and broad shoulders. All in all he is an impressive, imposing figure to behold and with it comes the ease of his movements within his own skin. He is a creature who knows who he is and it translates in confidence.

He wears the colors of Barnaba in a high collar shirt that stands up beneath the fitted and clean cut jacket that hugs his form. It emphasizes his broad shoulders as the expensive silk in rich green flares at his hips and is closed by gold chains and buttons. A sword cape attaches to the front of his left shoulder and dips down beneath his right arm to attach across his chest. House Romero’s white flower emblazoned on the back. His pants are loose fitting and disappear within tall black boots, shined but obviously well worn through the years.

A belt sets off a blaster at his right side but more importantly the sword at his left is ever present in black scabbard and gold trimmings. The hilt is always visible to those around him.


Hycliff is a man who easily smiles and engages with those around him in cheery conversation. Small talk is a particular forte of his which helps put those in his presence at ease. He can laugh and cajole with the best of them but he is a man of duty. When he is put to the test he will always put his duty first; duty to family, house, and liege lord. Honor is a long running ideal that has been held in great esteem by the Romero family and he is no different. He is a man who would help those he deems worthy of it. Barnaba is thriving beneath his guidance and Lady Varin leans heavily upon the Romero Lord for advice and capable work. The two are quite a formidable pair and Hycliff finds the position in his life stressful if not fulfilling.



Varin Arabella
High Lady
The high lady has come so very far. With so many doubting her abilities I am glad to see she has proven them wrong. House Arabella and Barnaba can only grow stronger beneath her able hand.

Terese Romero
Lady Wife
I had not expected such a wondrous surprise in our pairing but we have walked this road for nearly thirty years and together we will continue to. Sharp, witty and my equal in many ways.

Patris Romero
Lady Daughter
My daughter is stubborn and set in her ways but I am proud of her nonetheless. She will be a good successor. IF she chooses to take my place.

Didorn Romero
Lord Son
Didorn can be a problem at times, choosing to associate with the High Lord-Consort on his outings to Vycinth. I can see this becoming more dire in the future.

Vail Arabella
Serene Lady
As beautiful as her sister but far more observant. Book smart and clever, she has a good head on her shoulders that will serve as an aid to her sister’s reign.

Story Hooks

  • Ambassador: As Ambassador for House Arabella of Barnaba he often travels and has seen much of the sector.
  • Charming: He has a way with words and his smile is a disarming feature.
  • Bodyguard: On many occasions he serves as protector of the House Arabella of Barnaba.
  • Family Man: He loves his family. His wife a particular joy who he finds witty and sharp. A great match for the man who has given him two children with a surprise third on the way.



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