Ilones Cleary
Lady Ambassador Ilones Cleary
Played By Natalie Dormer
Fullname: Lady Ambassador Ilones Cleary
Alias: Nes
Gender: Female
Species: Human Tapani
Age: 33
Homeworld: Calipsa
Faction: Calipsa
Hair: Deep Blonde
Eyes: Green
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 121


Ilones Cleary, born of a rival house of Warsheld saw no need to be at odds with the current ruler of calipsa: Calipsa - despite her own mother wishing to push them out, the Warshelds old news. Calipsa needed new blood. But there are always other paths to get what one wants and Ilones focused on her studies, attending university and eschewing the delights of most her age who were only beginning to explore the court and all it had to offer.

This meant she missed out on a lot but it was not entirely lost to her. A fellow student, Byron Sokol was a constant companion and over their years in their studies the two adopted an attraction and eventual relationship. All was going well for Ilones when she found out that the man she was growing to love was attempting to undercut her for the position of advisor within the Warsheld household. Realizing that she had to choose between allowing him to step ahead of her despite all her hard work or fighting him for it, there was no room for a relationship in her life.

She in turn stepped ahead of him and giving such an outstanding impression with what she brought to the table Byron was left behind both by the position and by her.

This has never quite healed but continued to fester for Byron. But Ilones has a job to do and at thirty she stepped into the role chosen for her by the High Lady herself. It is only this year that Zenna Warsheld moved her into the position of ambassador.

It was her meeting with the young Davine that made her realize how sorely in need Warsheld was. It is up to her to help guide the young leader in all the ways she can. Even if his mother may not realize she is doing it.


She appears younger than she is with her small features and large eyes of a bright blue-green color. Bow-shaped lips in a warm pink draw up often into a smile, thus producing round full cheeks and near dimples that make her seem harmless. A small woman, she stands just over average yet she feels like she is somewhat taller due to the way she carries herself, back straight and shoulders back. Warm honey colored hair is cut straight, shoulder around her face and longer in back as the length angles downwards past her shoulders.

Her chosen vestments are almost always high necked or full coverage. Her favorite is a jade green colored satin brocade dress with a hood attachment that she can easily sweep aside. The golden champagne brocade upon its surface is that of an undetermined floral kind. A belt holds the dress tight to her waist with a flower in pale gold. There are no other accessories to the woman save for a satchel she constantly carries on her shoulder, filled with all manner of important documents and datapads. Ever ready in the face of her position.


Ilones is focused and intelligent, her might a bright star shining amidst the machinations of the Warsheld household. She is careful with what she says, thoughtful when she needs to be and cordial to all, though she is not quick to trust or make friends. Life has taught her even those you love can not always be trusted. She is given to facts instead of emotion. She listens, not quick to toss out other opinions as it is an opportunity to learn and possibly stop a mistake from occurring. She enjoys the company of her datapad over that of humans but makes a contemplative and patient conversation partner.



Ovus Cleary
Lady Mother
The Cleary house was always meant to lead, so my mother says. She has it out for Warsheld but I believe there is a better way to influence the future for Calipsa.

Zenna Warsheld
High Lady
There is more than meets the eye. A cunning mind and an obsessive amount of attention to her son makes her a deadly foe.

Davine Warsheld
Lord Heir
He has been far too sheltered all his life. I can only hope that the help I give him matters at all. Maybe a difference can be made.

Weston Warsheld
High Lord
It is a wonder he lives and still has all his faculties at his age. I suspect he does forget who I am at times. But we have not had a terse word between us, yet.

Byron Sokol
There are those that will do absolutely anything to get what they want. Well he did not get it and he lost a great deal more.

Story Hooks

  • Ambassador: Her newest position. She has yet to make waves at the council.
  • Warsheld: She works for the Warshelds, specifically Zenna it would seem. SHe does spend a good deal of time offering insight for Davine Warsheld.
  • University: Ilones is a huge supporter of the Reena University. She made good friends there and finds the Panos family to be exceptional.



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