Jasker Arabella
High Lord-Consort Jasker Arabella
Played By Andrew Garfield
Fullname: High Lord-Consort Jasker Arabella
Alias: Jask
Gender: Male
Species: Human Tapani
Age: 29
Homeworld: Soterios
Faction: Barnaba
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 143


House Jaset is a house of many aspirations and Jasker was required to have them as well though his aspirations came to include gambling, women, and thrills. He had the upbringing many of the nobles do in the sector, but so distantly removed from the main line of his house, there was no true demand on him to forge a diamond out of the lump of coal he was. He was born to Girshin and Corse Jaset, one of twins. His brother was born not long after. The two were inseparable and as many unfortunate tales go, he lost his brother in an air car accident when they were fourteen. It struck Jasker so hard, that he threw himself into life, not wanting to miss a thing.

Living for them both.

It led to some questionable places and dive bars across the sector but somehow luck was always on his side, even when he nearly was cut down by a gang looking to profit from his stupid decisions. Jasker’s was a charmed life and it played out that when he turned twenty-four luck still had something in store.

His cousin, Bal Jaset, High Lord of Melantha made for him a match that was the envy of the sector. After a short courting period, he wed the High Lady of Barnaba, Varin Arabella, sealing the alliance between Barnaba and Melantha.

Opulence like no other is what he experienced. His wife was beautiful, strong and gave him the lifestyle he could only dream about. He spends her wealth in ways she does not agree with and often causes friction. But to the greater portion of the sector, they are the perfect couple now with their own heir. He does his best to keep his wild ways out of the news but sometimes he just can’t manage that feat. It has put Barnaba in the spotlight and caused no end of trouble between them.


Blessed with the artful jaw of his house, the nobleman looks every part the dashing hero. A longer face with a prominent nose gives him a strong look while softer edges hif cheeks make him approachable. Often with a half days shadow, he has a sort of smolder to his warm brown eyes that are set beneath a solid brow. His lips have a sort of pout to them, adding to the smile lines that have begun to crease the inner curve of his cheeks. Svelte and toned, he cuts an impressive figure at six foot, with broad shoulders that are not imposing but add to his physique.

Somber colors of black and gray make up the under layers of his clothing. A fitted, sculpted vest, a high necked silk striped shirt beneath hugs his form. Where he appears austere he surprises with his chosen jackets and capes in vibrant colors. His favorite jacket is a rich purple with silver studs and collar edges. It is cut tight but falls down towards his ankles in a trench coat like fashion. The high neck is dramatic and often the collar is popped to hide his face and keep him unrecognizable. A pair of glossy black boots end the ensemble where a pair of black hide pants have been tailored to fit him perfectly.


Jasker is a good time man and he comes alive when he is around those that share his ideals in life. These good times only serve to cover up something buried deep and sometimes if one lingers close enough they can sense a well of loss…or something missing while he gambles and parties the night away. Though he may seem like he has no regrets there are moments he reflects - rare as they are. He does not openly share them and puts on a facade of playboy charm.



Varin Arabella
High Lady Wife
An unexpected part of my life has now become yet another female disappointed in my choices. I am not sure I can ever change, even for her.

Crysta Arabella
Lady Daughter
The one thing I have yet to mess up. Give it time. Though I desperately pray that I won't do anything to harm her.

Bal Jaset
Hight Lord Cousin
Why he chose me to be the glue between his alliance with Barnaba I will never know. But truth be told here is something to it because he a man who always has his reasons. And they always have meaning.

Vail Arabella
Serene Lady Sister
Another in the list of disapproving females but oddly enough, she is kind to me. She makes Arabella bearable.

Lord Brother
He's not really gone. He's here with me. Every day.

Story Hooks

  • Good Times: Life is short. Jasker is often found on Vycinth or other resort type worlds. Living the high life.
  • Melantha: He is a member of House Jaset, the ruling house of Barnaba.
  • Advantageous Marriage: It came as a surprise to many in the sector when he was chosen to wed Varin.



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