Kresis A'Kana
Honorable Kresis A'kana
Played By Jeremy Irons
Fullname: Honorable Kresis A'kana
Gender: Male
Species: Human Tapani
Age: 65
Homeworld: Achillea
Faction: Cadriaan
Hair: Brown-greying
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 137


There was always a crisis for the second born of house A’kana. Always something to be overcome and it forged in a man who can find a solution to anything that keeps him from his goals. As a young man he attended the academies on Reena with hopes of working in the courts but he found early on he had a head for business and turned his attention towards a change in studies.

He performed so well he was hired on as Chief Financial Advisor for a major shipping company in the sector. He saw their profit margin increased ten fold and was quickly on his way to CEO of the entire company.

Another crisis arose.

His father became terminally ill and with his brother off out of sector he was charged with handling the affairs of his house. For the years his father was kept to bed rest, A’kana flourished and he invested for them so that the house would never have to worry in future generations. He saw the benefits of seeking opportunities outside of the sector and his keen mind was quickly turning over calculations of the lowest risk and highest reward.

His father lived long enough to see the dawn of a golden age for his family and in turn had a message transcribed by one of his nurses to be delivered to High Lord Bathos. Before Kresis could settle into his role as head of house in his brother’s absence he was summoned.

And thus started his position as Ambassador and Advisor to the High Lord himself. A’kana rose in the ranks of Cadriaan houses and was soon given honors far beyond what most landed gentry could imagine. It came quickly and his name was well known throughout the sector. He was the man to speak to if you had troubles but his loyalty rested with Bathos who had secured his brother’s children matches across the sector. Kresis had only one child, a daughter and his wife dead. She was slightly touched, different and he suggested that she not be matched but kept in his care at the Bathos lands. There she was cared for, a lovely innocent creature but sometimes needing someone to watch over her.

Another crisis.

High Lord Bathos passed away with the rest of his family when the transport they were on broke down and life support was lost. This left Kresis to prepare the house for the new High Lady. Adeen and he would not exactly see eye to eye but over the ensuing years she grew to begrudgingly accept his advice. Bathos continues to thrive but there is a solid relationship to the head of Bathos as there had been before. Kresis will not give up.


Everything about him appears disciplined and groomed to a purpose. A long jaw sports a groomed beard in a thin line and a mustache that curves down to meet it. White has already begun to invade the caramel brown that is the original hue of his hair. Sharp brown eyes, thin and focused are fixed to either side of a sharp prominent nose. Bushy brows settle beneath the lined forehead of a man with many thoughts. His skin sags just enough to hint at his age where it gathers at his cheeks and jaw. He is a man who is tall and thin, almost reed-like. A few moles dot his face, made noticeable by age. He commands attention in a quiet introspective way.

Golden brown velvet robes adorn his form and beneath it satin in deepest black. The rich quality contrasts the collar choices. They are outdated choices but made poignant by the style of his hair into a point at his forehead and the sideburns that dip down to his jawline. A set of small circular spectacles rest near the end of his long nose, the lenses in a smoky purple. A pair of fitted black pants and boots finish the ensemble that is just waiting to come back into style.


Quiet and severe, those are the first two words that come to mind. Kresis is a man of numbers and figures, emotions do not factor into his daily wager, nor do they have any worth to him. Very rarely does he even grow upset. He has a measured assured view of the galaxy that keeps him ahead of the rest. Facts. That is what he relies on and the facts in the economy will never steer him wrong. He is a creature of habit and to break that is to break the man.



Adeen Bathos
High Lady
She is far too skeptical. If she would allow me to do my job without interference and opinions Cadriaan could already rule the sector by wealth alone.

Xer Bathos
High Lord Consort
A fop if there ever was one and far too sensitive. He has ideals that will never survive in our galaxy. Ideals do not feed the hungry or keep you warm.

Xemeer Bathos
Lord Heir
The to be lord of the house. He has some sense, listens and is not as weak as his father. I can see potential in the young man if he does not get any fanciful ideas for the future.

Linara Bathos
Serene Lady
I understand her position here and why it is important. Why what she does is important. But she is loosening the purse strings and I do not abide that.

Ceren A'kana
In a better world I would not have to worry. But worry I do. She is my child and innocence incarnate. All I do I do for her; to secure her future, whatever it may be, it will be comfortable and provided for

Story Hooks

  • Economist: Everything has a price and Kresis can tell you to the cent what something is worth.
  • Intelligent: Intelligence can take many forms but he is the very core of what it means to be so.
  • Cold: He can be cold and blunt. But there is never anything personal about it.



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