Linara Bathos
Serene Lady Linara Bathos
Played By Aisha Dee
Fullname: Serene Lady Linara Bathos
Alias: Nara
Gender: Female
Species: Human Tapani
Age: 28
Homeworld: Achillea
Faction: Cadriaan
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 128


Much like her older sister, Linara was not ready for a life at court nor was she expecting it. She was a woman who loved to socialize, building her entourage of friends that she spent a great deal of time with. Technically this has not changed in the years since she was called back to court to aid her sister but it has lessened to a degree. She may not be an ambassador as she would have hoped, but she is an advisor to her sister. She is in charge of events and gatherings with the goal to outdo Barnaba, a task that Linara feels ultimately made for.

She grew up watching the social circles dance around one another and how the houses performed much the same rituals. Her position and power is not exactly foreign to her and ultimately a boon considering the life she had to give up.

Though she misses a great deal about her old life there are advantages to having a direct line to the wealth of Cadriaan. The House is climbing and so is Linara with it, becoming the talk of the Sector as she heads toe to toe with Varin’s family in hopes of dethroning the opulence of Barnaba.

The game is as much about social appearance as it is actual power and Cadriaan is about to take the positions in wealth and hosting. Next will have to be actual power but that could take some time. Either way, Linara is about to secure another win for Cadriaan.


Soft features flow through the gentle curves of her countenance. Her dark eyes are set just a little wider on her face than most which draw attention to the short sloped nose and full cheeks. Her eyes slightly protrude, making them larger still with a set of slightly arched thick brows overhead. Her full lips a dusky rose are a lovely compliment to the paler mocha of her skin tone. Her thick coiling curled hair is long, settling past her shoulders is often bound by gold links and left to tower back away from her head. Of average height with a natural athletic tone with a healthy set of curves, the young woman is most definitely in her prime.

A simple a-line cut top in champagne and yellow brocade is sleeveless, caught at her waist with a golden belt before it flares around her hips. An extended trail falls down to the floor from the top, pairing it with a set of cropped loose pants that end in a cuff with buttons. A pair of heeled ankle boots in warm brown are fastened tightly so she can not slip free. Bangles of gold are gathered in groups on each wrist and her left bicep is wrapped with another adornment.


Linara can exude a sort of cocky confidence that can both turn people away and attract them. To be in her orbit is to be part of something greater and she has manufactured this part of herself over many years and many outings. She has the sway of her connections at her call and Linara does not waste them, employing them at a moment's notice or dropping a name when she needs to. Though she often does not need to. Where there is confidence there is weakness and how people view her is EVERYTHING to Linara. It may seem like she couldn't care less but it could be further from the truth. She can be cold and dismissive if she feels threatened, quick to cut someone down with her words if they threaten her or those she holds dear.



Adeen Bathos
High Lady Sister
My sister and I have had separate lives for a long while now. But she is my sister and blood does not abandon blood.

Xer Bathos
High Lord Brother
There is so much that is beautiful about Xer and so much that needs to change. He is not strong enough to bear this burden. I wonder how long he will last.

Xemeer Bathos
Lord Heir Nephew
He carries a measure of both of his parents but I feel like he has a soul like mine. I can tell he is going to be a hit at the galas.

Kresis A'kana
Honorable Kresis A'kana
He can be such a bore. Truly. But he brings in the money I need so a necessary bore. He does have a certain style about him that I can appreciate.

Ceren A'kana
What a strange creature. She speaks in riddles and walks around barefoot. Something is amiss.

Varin Arabella
High Lady
Varin and I have a healthy rivalry that tests both our skills as leaders in fashion and hosting. I look forward to her reaction to the gala I have planned. It should prove to be interesting.

Zenna Warsheld
High Lady
A woman with a plan. A very strict and determined plan. How much will she offer me to marry her son and become High Lady of her house? I do not think she understands what she is taking on.

Story Hooks

  • Socialite: Linara is a socialite by birth and by skill. She knows people. They know her.
  • Fashionist: Part of her presentation is how she looks and what you wear can sway minds.
  • Quick To Judge: Linara does not have time to waste and if you make a bad first impression she will dismiss you readily out of hand.
  • Hostess with the Mostest: She is good at what she does. Her guests are her family.



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