Vail Arabella
Serene Lady Vail Arabella
Played By Erin Moriarty
Fullname: Serene Lady Vail Arabella
Gender: Female
Species: Human Tapani
Age: 24
Homeworld: Barnaba
Faction: Barnaba
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 113


Vail and Varin were inseparable, Vail following her gregarious older sister around and still does to this day. Vail is a creature of quiet thought and observation, given to consider her actions thoroughly, if she even makes them. As she was not meant to rule, she was tasked with understanding the Barnaba household with the main goal in the end in pairing with an advantageous marriage that would help solidify an allegiance with another house, namely Cadriaan at this point.

Vail has never looked aside at this duty though she is in no rush to leave her sister and her young niece.

She grew up attending her education and finer skills. She is more than proficient at playing the synthharp and has more than once been highlighted at a Barnaba gathering; not to mention being a soloist for a few of the Grand Tapani Symphony. It is said that Vail Arabella could well be the finest synthharp player in the sector but her duties have kept her with her family since her father’s death.

Devoted to her house, Vail has taken on the job of helping Varin with the finances and the details of their many gatherings, often overseeing much of the planning of their extravagant galas. Though she enjoys the finer things as well, raised in such a mindset, she has a more demure view of it. Richer cloth but less shimmer. Many houses have sent prospective matches for her, knowing that House Barnaba is likely to only rise and Vail is one of the most eligible matches in the Tapani Sector.


Soft porcelain skin covers a small elegant chin and round cheeks giving the young woman an even more feminine appearance. A long neck leads elegantly to the shapely jawline that is strong enough to help define the softer curves of her countenance. Her small chin gives her a delicate appearance and allows her full lips to become the highlight of her face. A pale brown near hazel are the color of her eyes that hold a certain light in contrast to her demure figure. Her shoulders her small and she does not carry the height of many of her family. She creates a willowy figure to behold.

Favoring off whites and creams, she likes to wear fluid dresses, often left to flow from the shoulder and neckline down in layers with hints of texture and colors that catch the light when the fabric moves. A crystal necklace is always present hanging from her long neck, a soft pink echoing within the clear depths. Simple but elegant, her dress is embroidered in rose-gold scrollwork at wrist, and all along the shoulders. The hem of her dress is no less adorned, a field of floral splendor that climbs up the back of her dress.


Kind. That is the first thing one would say of Vail Arabella. She is kind. It comes from her willingness to listen and smile, to watch and observe rather than become the center of attention. Such a contrast to her sister means that she is given attention just because she is different. Though she is quieter she carries herself with an air of confidence that can sometimes be unassuming but do not mistake her, she knows who she is and where she fits in her world. She is content with it and it makes her a powerful creature.



Varin Arabella
High Lady Sister
Varin is more than capable of running our house and I know she has proven herself by now. I just wish the others could see her as I do. She is my greatest ally and friend.

Lord Brother
He is only two years my junior but acts like he is far younger. I think he feels there is no direct need for him in the house and though he will help when asked he spends far too much time in frivolous deeds.

Crysta Arabella
Lady Niece
She is our hope for the future and all that Barnaba could be. I am going to be her guide and her confidant.

Jasker Arabella
High Lord-Consort
Jasker. I think he is sweet and at the same time vexing. He was never meant to be a high lord and it shows in how he conducts himself.

Hycliff Romero III
Lord Ser Ambassador
There is no one more loyal or devoted to House Barnaba. He has been a companion, a confidant and glorious shining example of our House.

Story Hooks

  • Serene Lady: As the second born, she is still in a line of succession after her niece, but she has a great deal of power in her house and in the world of politics. She is a very important piece on the board.
  • Barnaba: She is a high-born lady of Barnaba from house Arabella.
  • Musician: She is a well-known and accomplished musician. Her instrument a synthharp
  • House Matters: Though she may not be the ruler of House Barnaba, she helps to keep it running as smoothly as it does.



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