Varin Arabella
High Lady Varin Arabella
Played By Tamsin Egerton
Fullname: High Lady Varin Arabella
Gender: Female
Species: Human Tapani
Age: 27
Homeworld: Barnaba
Faction: Barnaba
Hair: Golden
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 132


Varin was always meant to lead but there were those that spoke out against her and her abilities even before she took over for her father. She was young, young and very untested but no less ready. Armed with her charming smile and confident presence, she easily stepped into the role despite her father’s death when she was seventeen.

She took the noble houses by surprise.

Varin was an exceptional beauty at an early age, earning her attention and esteem without the skill to back it. But her mother and father made sure she was prepared to keep Barnaba on its path to greatness. Opulence and extravagance were hallmarks of her life growing up and Varin continued that lifestyle the moment she became High Lady.

Galas and celebrations are always of the highest standard when held by House Arabella of Barnaba. What makes her house formidable is the very fact she is able to pair that with her keen eye for diplomacy. A honeyed tongue goes a long way; Varin makes sure it runs lightyears beyond what could ever have been expected.

A shrewd diplomat, she chose a husband from outside of Barnaba, strengthening her ties with House Melantha. She saw beyond the obvious and readily planned for the future stability of her house while others would continue to fight and bicker over scraps.

Jasker of House Jaset, a distant cousin of the High Lord himself, was wed to Varin when she was twenty-two years old. She gave birth to their one and only issue, Crysta Arabella when she was twenty-four. Varin is in no hurry to continue to produce a grand assortment of children, instead, making sure that her heir is well provided for. Barnaba depends on it.


There is a sense of near perfection surrounding the woman of stature and grace. A cultivated look no doubt not only the benefit of well chosen genetics but of all that money can buy. Her legs are long, making her appear statuesque as thick golden hair falls in waves around her face. High cheekbones and a perfect pert nose are further defined by full lips. Her chin a gentle slop and brow expressively sits over large brown eyes. The woman radiates youthful vibrance that is vividly displayed in the elegant motions she dictates.

Her clothing is rich and opulent, silks of emerald a favorite. She wears a long dress, off the shoulders with wide billowing arms that end in a gathered cuff at her wrist. The sleeves are slit and offer more style than cover. A belt sets off her small waist, studded with gems and gold, sharing the wealth of her house. A fur soft fur stole is draped over her shoulders and its crates a subtle fringe along her neck line that only serves to accent the warm tone of her skin.


No one would ever say that Varin Arabella is dull. She glitters from that which she wears to the very words that leave her lips. She is a joy and a radiant woman to be around. She easily adapts to those around her, putting them at ease and making them feel important when she deigns to bless them with her attention. She knows her effect on people and that can sometimes shine through in her smile. As much as Varin is confident she is also vain and self indulgent at times. A lovely woman, possibly the most beautiful within the sector, it can go to her head. She is focused, however, and can be ruthless if someone does get in her way, but it will be social warfare in the form of rumors and barbs that assail them until they lose their place entirely within the noble sphere.



Jasker Arabella
High Lord-Consort
Our marriage is one of convenience and necessity, not of love. But he is an attentive father if a bit too familiar with the gambling tables in the sector.

Crysta Arabella
Lady Daughter
Crysta is only three but she is the brightest gem in my arsenal. She shall have more than I did if I can make it so.

Vail Arabella
Lady Sister
My younger sister by only three years. She is quiet, sweet and far more clever by far. She would have been a great High Lady and if I have my way, she will be but not of Barnaba.

Lord Brother
A firebrand if ever there was one. I believe he received all the families spitfire and carries it. He likes competition and more than once I have had to dig him out of trouble.

Hycliff Romero III
Lord Ser Ambassador
His family has served mine for generations and he is no less a boon than those who came before him. He wears many hats and Barnaba is lucky to have him. As am I.

Story Hooks

  • High Lady: Varin is the youngest of the High Lords and Ladies within the Tapani sector but she is has been extremely successful in positioning her house for greatness.
  • Opulence: Varin adores the finer things in life and no on in Barbara skimps - least of all her.
  • Alliances: Nothing is better than the finer things than perhaps house security. Alliances guarantee that.
  • Melantha: Her husband is distantly related to the High Lord of Melantha



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