Weston Warsheld
High Lord Weston Warsheld
Played By Christopher Lee
Fullname: High Lord Weston Warsheld
Gender: Male
Species: Human Tapani
Age: 107
Homeworld: Calipsa
Faction: Calipsa
Hair: Grey/White
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 117


Weston was born into a house hungry for power, hungry for position, hungry for attention. They received that in his lifetime and under his rule but that is not where it began. Calipsa was a far lesser house with little push or pull in the arena of politics in the sector and Weston inherited this house from his father when he was in his thirties. He was a man of great ambitions, even more so than his father and his life focused on exactly what he could do to improve his house and its standing.

Weston was wed but trouble procuring children with his first wife Ajuna led to the aid of medical practitioners. His first child, a son Warmin was born when he was in his late thirties. Not long after, only several years, there was Andru. The boys were a relief and often the driving force behind what Weston was doing, when it was not about his own personal gratification. Several failed pregnancies later, Ajuna managed to have a daughter she named Anja and she was spoiled, her father’s favorite and given whatever she wanted.

House Warsheld and Weston felt the sting of loss when Warmin was killed in some street altercation on Vycinth, robbed and left for dead in an alley. He was not discovered for a day. Years later Andru was lost in a shuttle accident that was leaving orbit. One by one his children faltered and fell and the final loss is what ended his wife. Their daughter Anja was with a friend, Zenna at a local festival. The two retired to their appointed rooms and within they were attacked. Anja died of her wounds and Zenna was rushed into recovery.

His daughter’s dearest friend managed to survive, the wounds superficial thankfully due to how she was struck. With the loss of his entire family unit he looked for answers and found them in Zenna Tor, a noble woman from a far lesser house within Calipsa. But through her he found life again and the two - even though greatly disparate in age found comfort in each other.

Weston wed the young woman when she had just entered her thirties and he in his seventies. Thankfully, due to his earlier problems with conceiving a child he had the ability to have more offspring with his second wife and Zenna, five years later Zenna had a son, Davine Warsheld, the pride of his life. Sadly, there would be no other issue for them and Zenna is fiercely protective of her son, making sure she paves the way for his eventual succession - which if one is counting Weston’s years should be any day now. Maybe. Weston seems to be determined to live even if that means by mechanical means if necessary.

Seventeen years ago fortune hit and with the fall of Pelagia they were able to make firm grabs at areas held by the once great house. They were backed by House Mecetti and are firmly entrenched in loyalty to the powerful house.


From a distance, the man in the repulsor chair seems weak and frail, with a neck that hides no secret of the tendons that hold his head aloft. While once no-doubt striking, more salt than pepper now fills out the fastidiously-manicured beard with focused patches of dark just below and above his lips. There, a thick handlebar mustache lends extra weight to somber lips known to rarely part in a smile. Liver spots infrequently dot his sallow skin, with larger oases of discoloration near his temples in semi-uniform proof of his body's deterioration. These signs of age reach low enough to meet strong, dark, bushy eyebrows, which have thus far refused to succumb to the relentless march of time. They meet near the bridge of a strong, angled nose that is only half as sharp as the most vibrant part of his body: the dark brown eyes of a man one quarter his age.

Many will write off the man for his infirmities, from well-cared but outdated robes in Calipsa hues, to the tremor in his hands that sometimes requires assistance for the consumption of meals and medications, or even the ever-hidden legs always covered by blankets, cloaks, or the protective casement of the repulsor chair itself. However, if one is looking closely it is nearly impossible to miss the sharp, cutting discernment in the man's eyes. His voice is often whisper-thin like papers being brushed together, but in times of adamance it comes out strong in a deep bass that resonates through the solid and sizable torso that time has not shrunk even with its confinement to the hover chair. His hair is silken, pulled back and gathered behind with painstaking precision, no rogue hair in evidence. His taste is not that of a dandy, jewelry simple - confined to the signet ring of his station in House Calipsa and the simple Aurodium band attesting his marriage on his fingers.


Determination is the core drive within the long-lived noble’s life. Scraping, grabbing, holding tightly to every little bit he manages to gain. He is methodical but conniving, not as clever as he should be but he is bound so thickly in his determination, despite his blindness, that he will fight to the bitter end. He can be quick to anger, sharp words are often offered and his banter is dry with no sense of humor unless its to degrade those around him. A man of great loss he intends not to lose anymore.



Zenna Warsheld
High Lady Wife
She is a fierce mother and a fierce protector of House Warsheld. I am glad for my strong and determined wife. What we lack in some things are made up for our united effort to secure Calipsa's place in this sector.

Davine Warsheld
Lord Heir Son
He is our future. Davine is strong willed and sure of himself. A father could not ask for a better son.

Bode Redaan XI
High Lord
A steadfast ally no one should ever cross, even Warsheld. He is a man to watch. A man to be wary of. Nothing is set in stone or stays forever. He plays the game with tenacity.

Ajuna Warsheld
High Lady Wife
My lovely Ajuna was far too sweet for this world. Honey flowed in her veins instead of steel and in the end the harshness of reality took her life.

Warmin, Andru, Anja
Serene Lords and Lady
My children. No one may know that I mourn your loss daily. You were gone too soon.

Story Hooks

  • Age: There is no way to put it politely, Weston is old. His repulsorchair the only way he is able to attend anything at all.
  • Mecette Alliance: He is indebted to Mecetti and to continue to grow he will have to fight within their corner.
  • Ship Deficit: In order to hold onto their territory they need ships and right now they do not have enough. They rely heavily on the Empire’s presence that is beginning to grow in the sector.



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