Xemeer Bathos
Lord Heir Xemeer Bathos
Played By Michael Evans Behling
Fullname: Lord Heir Xemeer Bathos
Alias: Meer
Gender: Male
Species: Human Tapani
Age: 18
Homeworld: Achillea
Faction: Cadriaan
Hair: brown
Eyes: brown
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 146


Xemeer can still remember the days of travel, seeing things that no other noble would likely take the time to see. Monuments, ruins, and more, he did not stay in fine hotels and his, especially his mother, shared with him the great works of writers outside of the sector and of a great many different species. It was an accepting, adventurous childhood that he often thinks of wistfully. But his memories are from a decade ago, before his life changed and was set on another course entirely.

From the byways of the galaxy, Xemeer was plunged into strict and opulent court life. At first it was fascinating but as everything he did became more restricted and structured he disliked the change. Through the years he has adapted and done so to make his mother happy. She has changed so drastically, having to, to survive the weight of her position. One she somehow manages to thrive in.

Xemeer still has an adventurous soul and inherited his father’s wanderlust. But he is beholden to the duty imposed upon him and a good son will not abandon his mother or the position of his house. He straddles both worlds but truly only lives in one. In the other world, his xer-bathos father, who is slowly suffocating beneath the structure of the nobility.

He is of age now and the galas, festivals and more have taken on a new nuance. It is a proving ground for potential matches for the future of their house. Another game to play.


A young man in the prime of his life is tall, broad and radiant. Full lips and a strong chin give him a full smile that is often in use during social interactions. A thick nose is not out of line or too big and his eyes are a dark brown set on either side of the narrowing bridge. Brows are thick on a brow that is luckily not prominent, softening what could be an intense expression. Boyish charm is caught in his dimples when he smiles. A thick head of dark hair has hints of waves that appear as if they could grow more unruly if he were to allow his hair to grow longer. The faint dusting of a shadow on his upper lip adds a few years, but not much more.

A high necked woven shirt highlights his jawline, in the color of caramel. He has a stylised senta-wool jacket, brushed and soft to raise a sheen from its surface. Its cut to accentuate his broad shoulders, adding to his height. The sleeves and shoulders have silk patches in geometric shapes in colors of gold and red to contrast the russet color. A pair of fitted brown pants continues the warm tones across his frame. They are held up by a belt with a gold buckle of the Cadriaan house sigil. Refine taste is what his clothes speak of. Not too much. Not too little.


He is a young lord with a calming presence and ready smile. Coming into his own he still, he has the finesse of someone much older, offering friendship readily. He is someone most feel they can talk to as he does not appear to have any hidden agendas. Xemeer still feels life is meant to be lived but he has a deep sense of loyalty to his mother and her house even if he longs to explore the rest of the galaxy. It creates in him a soul that is older than it should be.



Adeen Bathos
High Lady Mother
She hides what she used to be well and puts on a new face without blinking. She may be the strongest person I know. I owe her as much as I can give.

Xer Bathos
High Lord-Consort Father
This is not the world my father wishes to live in. I watch him slowly change and not for the better. I know what part of him longs to be away - personal experience.

Linara Bathos
Serene Lady Aunt
It is interesting to watch my aunt work. She looks more comfortable in the well appointed estates than my mother does. I hope she can ease the burden.

Xenon Bathos
Serene Lord Brother
Xenon. I protect him as much as I can but he makes his choices. I hope he can adapt quickly before his duties catch up with him.

Xenia Bathos
Serene Lady Sister
She is sweet and everything good in this galaxy. I love our talks and when she surprises me by jumping out from around corners. Little Xeni

Lorne Paddox
Lady Heir
We have grown up together through noble functions. I can see she is waiting for her turn as am I. Not fully looking forward to it but she is amazingly driven. An inspiration. I hope our houses can help each other in the future.

Kresis A'kana
I am not sure what he makes of me but the way his mind works is a feat in itself. Cadriaan is lucky to have him and way he tends to his daughter makes him more than honorable in my view.

Ceren A'kana
Little Bird
Her life is free and troubled all at once. I can see her heart and it is nice to have someone who does not seem to carry the same burdens as the rest of us. I am not sure I am the best companion for her but I try.

Story Hooks

  • Wanderlust: He has never acted on it but he dreams of other places
  • Lord Heir: It is not easy knowing what path your future will take.
  • Change: He may not have his father’s dire views of the nobility but he realizes it will be up to him to make changes.
  • Old Soul: Xemeer sees the galaxy far more prudently than his peers.



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