Xer Bathos
High Lord-Consort Xer Bathos
Played By Sean Teale
Fullname: High Lord-Consort Xer Bathos
Gender: Male
Species: Human Tapani
Age: 36
Homeworld: Barnaba
Faction: Cadriaan
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 141


Xer was raised in a lesser house from Barnaba. There was no hope of him ever truly landing a title of importance and thus Xer traversed the sector in search of things he loved. He spent time with art, traveling and music, fulfilling a vagabond’s will. This is how he met Adeen Bathos, niece of the High Lord of Bathos. The two of them hit it off and together they spent several seasons sharing invitations to gatherings and exploring.

It surprised no one when Xer secured dispensation to marry Adeen and the two were wed young, continuing their lifestyle together. Not too long after, Adeen was with child and Xemeer was born when she was nineteen. It changed their family dynamic yet it was not something they could not adapt to and soon Xemeer was part of their adventures.

When Xer was eight the family was forced into a whole new lifestyle that would prove to be a strenuous factor between husband and wife. Adeen was called forth to become the successor to her uncle after a horrible accident left her next in line. The once nomadic and bohemian family was now forged and fitted into new identities.

Xer grew depressed and took to finding things for himself to do away from the running of the House. Xemeer was caught between two worlds so undeniably linked. Xer continued to keep the feeling of their previous life around his son but he watched Xemeer grow into the heir he was going to have to be. His other children had known no other life but their freedom was greater.

Xer finds the trappings, the demands, the lies of court to be a bit too much and he has often expressed this in ways that could potentially harm their house. Xer exists, but he is not an attentive husband and is often off-world.


Smoldering is an effective way to describe the broad shouldered man. Dark eyes beneath stark expressive brows gives a sort of distant countenance that is far away. A strong jaw, sloped nose and five oclock shadow can make him seem intense when he is focused. His features plainly to be described as handsome are proven correct by the pair of ever so slightly pouted lips. He is not muscled, but he is a man with purpose and the activity shows in the way his clothing cuts across his physique. He stands near six foot while not overly imposing.

A man of simple tastes, a silk shirt in some outdated pattern is worn partially open beneath a fitted vest of deep blue. A pair of tailored pants extend down to a set of boots ankle high. He seems so unassuming by what he wears that the signet ring on his finger to tie him not only to his wife but House Cadriaan, is often overlooked. A single necklace is lost in the folds of fabric with the gems marking each of his children.


Xer is a creative soul and has never lost the need for wanderlust and new unseen things. Because he is so constrained he often comes off as withdrawn or depressed. A joyful soul lives beneath the trappings of court and it can be seen from time to time. He is generous and thoughtful but can be rather selfish when it comes to what he wants and what he needs from life. A malcontent noble.



Adeen Bathos
High Lady Wife
Once upon a time I saw her as my companion through everything. I did not think everything would be running House Cadriaan. She's changed. Adapted.

Xemeer Bathos
Lord Heir Son
Part of him still remains in the life we had begun together as a family but he is being changed as well, perhaps the best middle ground of both worlds.

Xenon Bathos
Serene Lord Son
He is a creature of the world of courts and lies. He has a good heart but I worry that he will be one day crushed beneath the turning wheel.

Serene Lady Daughter
So young, so free. I have half considered abandoning Cadriaan and taking her with me so she might better know the galaxy.

Linara Bathos
Serene Lady Sister
Linara is everything I despise about the nobility. I know she is here to help but she is more ready for this life than we have ever been.

Kresis A'kana
He is the embodiment of all things that are wrong with our present predicament.

Ceren A'kana
A touched woman who finds joy in simple things while yet the dark can bring terror. I see her for what she is and I believe she sees me.

Story Hooks

  • Artist: An artist, he enjoys painting and sketching to pass the time
  • House Barnaba: Born of a lesser noble line from House Barnaba.
  • Wanderlust: He enjoys travel and is presently too trapped for his liking.
  • Noble Dislike: He thinks the system is a joke and is going to end up killing off the Tapani over time.


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