Zenna Warsheld
High Lady Zenna Warsheld
Played By Maggie Q
Fullname: High Lady Zenna Warsheld
Alias: Zen
Gender: Female
Species: Human Tapani
Age: 58
Homeworld: Calipsa
Faction: Calipsa
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 123


Zenna grew up in the house of her father, a knight of House Calipsa. It was never as grand as the balls and gatherings they would attend, often on the fringe of society. Zenna grew up envying that which she did not have and longing for new gowns and perfect moments sculpted by a team of unseen attendants to be sure nothing was ever out of place.

Zenna would never have that given her current station and the family struggled to provide what it did to their numerous children. Zenna was one of the middle children of six and she felt lost in the sea of faces in the small underfunded household.

It was then that Zenna became determined to have her name known by all the right people and as she made friends with those ladies above her station, she did so through quick wit and compliments. Zenna could easily create such fanciful stories as well, telling and weaving lies that were half-truths but would capture the attention of those around her.

This eventually led her to Anja Warsheld, the daughter of the High Lord himself. Anja denied Zenna’s tales at first, jealous of her attention from the other ladies. They warmed to each other however and soon Anja was seen everywhere with the lower lady of the Tor Knight. They grew through their teen years together and into their twenties with Anja, her senior. It was during an outting together that they were attacked in their hotel room, Anja dying from her wounds and Zenna rushed away for medical attention. She lived.

She lived and Weston Warsheld looked to her for answers and company. His wife having passed from the loss of their last child, Anja, he was alone. And she was kind to him, once more weaving tales to distract him. Within five years they were married and despite their age were able, with medical intervention, able to have a child a decade after the loss of her friend Anja. Davine is the center of her world. Her son is the heir to be and she his lady mother. Weston is growing older by the day and at 107 he is likely not long for this world. Then it shall be Davine’s turn and by proxy her own.


Age does not define the woman as it has only just begun to show upon the lines pon her face, though few they are. They gather at the corner of her brown eyes and at the edges of her small lips. There is a simple and defined elegance to the smooth plains of her long face. A small jaw and sloped nose make her delicate, feminine. Her dark brown hair is straight, cut at one length to the mid of her back. It is in the way she carries her stature, long legs and thin limbs with her fluid grace that give the middle-aged woman an austere and serene presence. A calming presence just before the storm.

She wears somber colors, a dark deep blue in satin that has been textured and cut into a crossed dress with silver buttons, it barely stays in place at her shoulders. Hugging her torso it gradually flares as it falls. The back of the dress is long with a short train that has less flow than presence in the way the fabric rests. The front of the dress is open, leading to a pair of tailored silk pants in black with boots. Practical choice for better mobility and cover. Though she is not a leader in fashion her choices always have an edge of elegance.


Zenna is not outgoing nor is she overly social. She is polite and cordial but that is all that can be said about her in regards to friendships or otherwise. She is an introspective woman who has opinions yet only makes them in a tone that is suggestive rather than demanding. All together she seems quiet and collected though she has a temper that can rear its head if things go awry. Her calm will flow away and the unwary are left with a woman who could easily choose their fate.



Davine Warsheld
Lord Heir Son
He is more than ready to be the next Warsheld to rule. I have watched him flourish beneath my capable hands. He will be a great leader and bring Calipsa into its place as one of the greatest houses.

Weston Warsheld
High Lord Husband
Weston is not a constant companion but we have a working relationship that benefits us both. The father of my son he is paving the way for his succession. With my help.

Ilones Cleary
Lady Ambassador
She is far too clever for her own good but it is for the good of House Calipsa. Likely the savior of House Calipsa as she makes inroads with the Empire.

Bode Redaan
High Lord
Calipsa owes this man a great deal but I am not sure our alliance is so very strong. Tenuous at best. He is a snake waiting to strike.

Zornav Tor
Lord Ser Father
He tried to provide for me but it was never going to be enough. I respect him for all he has and had done for me but he could never see beyond what he had.

Anja Warsheld
Serene Lady
Deceased My friend and companion. It is with a heavy heart I think of her absence. Her loss gave me Davine so something good resulted from it.

Linara Bathos
Serene Lady
The perfect match for my son and the sister of High Lady Adeen Bathos herself. Calipsa needs money and this would ensure the High Lady's aid to our house.

Story Hooks

  • Lesser Upbringing: She never talks about it but anyone in court knows that she was from a knighted household.
  • Elder Husband: Her husband’s health is waning and she is yet in the prime of her life.
  • Second Wife: A High Lady she may be but one came before her
  • Order: Zenna’s life is ordered. She likes it to be so.



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