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Handling the bigger issues so you don't have to.

The leading news source for everywhere in the galaxy. We are experts at finding the answers to all your questions. Keeping you up to date on all the major events affecting every known sector. No story goes unturned and our team of investigators root out the truth to bring it to you without flash and flare. Just hard hitting journalism.

Come join the team of IGN and realize why we are the most trusted and thorough news source available.

With your morning crew at Starshine with hosts Yves Groob and Ili'it Ter'tresk to make sure you get off on the right foot.

Catchup during your lunch break with D'jan and Lola Cantebury, bringing you that which you need to keep you going through your day.

To our hard-hitting Spotlight team award winning anchors Pietre Ginnens and Dien Soyo. Bringing you all the important ongoing stories and all the new highlights of the day.

We never rest here at IGN and it shows with our constant streaming news coverage!

Your Galaxy. Our Galaxy.
The InterGalactic News

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