Sector: Freewolds Region
Rotation Period: 24 Standard Hours
Orbital Period: 361 Standard Days
Climate: Arid Temperate
Terrain: Mountains
Species: Humans
Population: 1.2 billion
Major Cities: Daekun
Major Imports: Foodstuffs
High Tech
Major Exports: Raw Materials
Droid Parts
Affiliation: League of Freeworlds


Aleron was terraformed and settled by colonists centuries ago. Despite their best efforts, the soil is still poor and the lands is not productive.


The only growth is a few species of moss and fungi imported by the colonists to prevent soil erosion. There are no major bodies of water. The red and gray mountains are arid and enshrouded in constant smog. Although safe to breathe, the atmosphere is dim and constantly overcast.

Despite the grim environment, Aleron is a surprisingly pleasant planet to live on. Its cities are located in huge caverns that scroll through the subsurface of the planet. The advantages of this arrangement are numerous. First, the cities are located near large underground rivers and seas, providing fresh water to the population. Second, heating and cooling of living areas is not needed due to the constant underground temperature.

Aleron's starport is located on a series of huge metallic platforms. Under the main docking platform are all the support facilities for a busy starport—cantinas, shopping areas, restaurants, refueling stations, maintenance facilities, and so on. Numerous turboshafts provide access to one of Aleron's larger settlements, Daekun, located over 1,000 meters below the surface

Points of Interest

  • Underground parks and nature preserves - most privately owned and require and invite


The colonists that settled Aleron originated from Gilliana. Frustrated in their terraforming attempts, the inhabitants have focused their efforts on developing underground cities. Their domed caverns are decked out with atriums, gardens, natural-looking brooks and ponds, plus "outdoor" malls and plazas. They have imported small animals and even low-light intensity plants to inhabit their artificial ecosystem. The ceilings are painted cheery blue and augmented with holographies to simulate times of day and seasonal variations


Aleron's primary business is mining the ore-rich depths of the planet. In an effort to preserve their precious underground cities, all mining complexes and refineries are located on the surface. The ore is smelted into pure ingots and shipped out to intergalactic markets.

In addition to the mining industry, Aleron has a sizable droid manufacturing industry. LIN Corporation, spearheaded by their popular bodyguard line of droids, is the planet's most successful private corporation. It exports droids, droid components, and even micro computer chips to markets across the entire sector.


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