Sector: Calipsa Province
Rotation Period: 22 Standard Hours
Orbital Period: 408 Standard Days
Climate: Temperate Polluted
Terrain: Plains
Species: Humans
Population: 1.9 billion
Major Cities: Westfield
Major Imports: Ore and raw materials
Major Exports: Smelted Ore
Low Tech
Mid Tech
Affiliation: House Calipsa


A once beautiful thriving planet, Calipsa has become a wasteland with unbreathable air in the face of vigorous economy.


Calipsa is the only heavily populated planet in the Calipsa province, but if it continues at its
current pace, it too will be uninhabitable in a few decades. From space, it appears as a dull brown, almost lifeless world, save its developed cities. There is a single land mass in the northern hemisphere surrounded by a shallow ocean. The continent appears devoid of any
major rivers or other bodies of water. However, these are actually located a few meters beneath the surface, so water is plentiful if one knows where to look.

Calipsa's air has a consistent brown haze complete with an acrid smell. Although safe for
short exposures, breath masks are required for prolonged exposure. Even the planet's water supply is unpotable unless treated first.

Calipsa's single continent is largely developed into huge metropolitan areas. These areas consist of skyscrapers and buildings crammed together in a haphazard manner. Most of the construction is layered on several levels to utilize space effectively.

Calipsa has only one passenger starport, located in its largest city, Cambar. Dotted across
the continent are a dozen other starports which handle the huge flow of ore from the rest of the

All of the ore mined in the province is shipped to Calipsa for processing, and then sent on to
markets around the sector. Since 90 percent of the industry on Calipsa is smelting, the environment has suffered the consequences. Instead of focusing effort on solving the pollution coming out of the smelting plants, however, Calipsa has moved its operations and all facets of life indoors. Mammoth domes and other buildings, complete with air ventilation and water treatment systems, became the answer.

Points of Interest

  • Crystal Forest - exotic forest with different speciments inside a dome


Hardened people who value toiling at hard labor, Calipsa's inhabitants have adjusted their lifestyle to a completely indoor environment. They enjoy the arts and even sports - at least the ones that can be performed in an enclosed structure. There are no open-air theaters or outdoor arenas to be found on Calipsa. Despite less-than-ideal surroundings, Calipsans are a content people obsessed with hard work.


Calipsa's economy is driven by its mining concerns in its province. Business has boomed on Calipsa in the years following House Calipsa's acquisition of several formerly Pelagian worlds. Its town and cities have experienced explosive and often chaotic growth. Fortunately, trends show the economic picture leveling off, which may brings much needed stability.

Credit for credit, Calipsa is one of the wealthiest provinces in the sector, but the wealth isn't
flaunted in public works and showcase city centers. Profits are focused instead on researching new mining techniques and the purchasing more ships and equipment. Fearing Imperial annexation, Calipsa does not emphasize its economic success, and continues to sink profits into more and more overhead cost


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