Sector: Freewolds Region
Rotation Period: 31 Standard Hours
Orbital Period: 412 Standard Days
Climate: Temperate
Terrain: Desert
Urban Sprawl
Species: Fondorian
various others
Population: 5 billion
Major Cities: Oridin City
Major Imports: Foodstuffs
Consumer goods
Machine parts
Major Exports: Starships
Affiliation: League Tapani Freeworlds
Galactic Empire


Fondor was a planet in the Freeworlds Territory of the Tapani sector, famous throughout the galaxy for its extensive orbital shipyards, outclassed only by those at Corellia and Kuat. The Fondor Shipyards were associated with the Techno Union prior to the Clone Wars, and were vast enough to construct major flagships, such as the Executor, Darth Vader's Executor-class Star Dreadnought. The capital city was Fondor City and later Oridin City.

Fondor was located in the Freeworlds Territory of the Tapani sector, a sector technically part of the Colonies, but so old and well-regarded that many considered it a part of the Core Worlds. The Fondorians were baseline Human, but with no hair and purple blood. Fondor itself was completely industrialized eons ago, and its surface scabbed with excavations, factories, cooling towers, steam tunnels, and offices, all related to the planet's central role in starship construction. The planet also housed hectares of laborers' barracks for the dockworkers whose jobs were overhead. Fondor was a main market for the Besadii Hutts. The Jedi mission to Fondor during the Separatist Crisis foiled a scheme by Groodo the Hutt to destroy the Fondor Shipyards using a counterfeit Sun Runner transport.

In 3630 BBY, a small colony of sleeks was discovered on a remote island of Fondor. These flightless birds were hunted to extinction by the locals for the bird's delicious meat centuries ago.

During the Clone Wars, Fondor sided with the Confederacy of Independent Systems, but the populace was generally unsupportive of the Separatist cause, and the planet contributed relatively little to the war effort.


Almost entirely industrialized, Fondor was an ecumenopolis world surrounded by orbital shipyards and drydocks. Its surface was almost totally covered with factories, cooling towers, and workers barracks, as well as mine shafts leading deep into the planet's core and office complexes for the planet's ruling Guild of Starshipwrights.

Owing to extensive automation, Fondor had a relatively small population of 5 billion around the time of the Galactic Civil War. Most of the surface factories were autonomous, controlled by droid brains which oversaw billions of labor droids.


Points of Interest

  • Oridin City once known as Fondor City
  • Fondor Shipyards
  • Fondor Academy


The Near-Human Fondorians made up 75% of Fondor's population, and were distinguished by their purple blood and lack of body hair. Fondorian society was caste-organized, with low-caste Fondorians traditionally having only one name. However, they might rise through society by gaining apprenticeships awarded by the Fondor Guild of Starshipwrights for generations of family service.

The Fondor Guild of Starshipwrights was the ancient ruling body of the industrialized planet of Fondor and the accompanying Fondor Shipyards. The guild was a minor member of the Techno Union but contributed little to the Confederacy of Independent Systems' war effort since many members objected to the Separatist cause.

The Galactic Empire nationalized Fondor around the time of the Battle of Yavin in 0 BBY, but the Guild was allowed to remain in power to oversee the construction of the Super Star Destroyer Executor in 0 ABY.


The economy of Fondor is based solely on their shipyards. Its importance to the galaxy at large and the different political powers became very clear.


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