Lamuir IV
Lamuir IV
Sector: Freewolds Region
Rotation Period: 23 Standard Hours
Orbital Period: 377 Standard Days
Climate: Temperate
Terrain: Forest
Species: Herglics
Population: 4.5 million
Major Cities: Gryle City
Major Imports: None
Major Exports: Talsa wood
Affiliation: League of Freeworlds


The world was settled - and then deserted - thousands of years ago by a Herglic trading empire, long before humans came to this area of space. It was rediscovered and settled by Herglics only a few decades before the first Tapani and Republic survey ships entered the system. Today, Lamuir is a cosmopolitan planet with large Herglic and human populations.


Lamuir IV is a temperate world with four continents. The continents consist of rolling plains, deep forests, and weathered, low mountains.

Most cities are divided into separate Herglic and human zones, primarily because the size differences between the two makes living in the same communities impractical; Herglics require much bigger homes, furniture, transports, and so on than do humans.

The capital of the planet, Gryle City, is a metropolitan sprawl located near the equator. Gryle City is composed of several districts, including the concerto district, theater district, and a shopping and restaurant district. Herglics and humans mix much more in Gryle City than in most other communities.

A Herglic mining company is based on Lamuir's only moon. It doesn't produce much ore anymore - and has become a popular Herglic retreat.


The majority of Lamuir citizens are Herglics, and the dominant culture is that of the Herglic; staid, sensible, and pacifist. This is reflected in the government's position on compromise and appeasement over armed conflict. Lamuir has good relations both with the Empire and the other Tapani powers.

Because Herglics are so susceptible to it, gambling is illegal on Lamuir. And not just a little illegal; penalties for gambling in the presence of a Herglic rival those for dealing in glitterstim spice (both involve life sentences).

There is some conflict between the Herglics and humans, because the cultures are so different. Many humans see the Herglic desire to avoid conflict as cowardly, while Herglics regard the human tendency to take stands and invite conflict inherently destablizing. Fortunately, disagreements seldom get too heated.

The Priole Danna Festival is an annual event which brings the biggest artists, actors, and musicians in the galaxy together for a week of revelry, parades, and the famous reenactments
of traditional Lamuir dramas and folk plays. During the festival, which envelops most of Gryle City, millions of tourists, celebrants, and professional party-goers from all over the galaxy descend on the planet, creating a temporary but substantial economic boom for the entire planet.


Lamuir's economy is stable but not spectacular. It derives a good bit of its income from the trade up and down the Shapani Bypass. There are also quite a few tradingcompanies who are based on Lamuir; unlike most of the Freeworlds, Lamuir is free of Mining Guild interference, and some companies prefer that sort of environment.

The Priole Danna Festival is also an important source of credits. During the festival, local merchants triple prices on food, lodging, and souvenirs, and the government institutes many temporary tariffs.

Lamuir has an active manufacturing industry based on the bountiful talsa wood forests. The forests are logged, and then reseeded to insure ample supply for the future. The wood is dark and extremely dense - perfect for sculpture, furniture, and even weapons.


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