Sector: Reena Province
Rotation Period: 26 Standard Hours
Orbital Period: 349 Standard Days
Climate: Temperate
Terrain: Oceans
Species: Humans
Population: 4 million
Major Cities: Newland
Major Imports: Foodstuffs
High Tech
Major Exports: Ore
Foodstuffs (acquatic only)
Affiliation: League of Freeworlds


Neona is a temperate planet with a pair of barren moons. About 20,000 years ago, it experienced a geologic warming period - its polar ice caps melted, flooding the entire planet, sparing only a pair of ice-covered continents located at the poles.


Because of the lack of land to build on, Neona was only sparsely settled for many centuries, its single floating spaceport merely a waystation for those desiring to stop between Procopia and Tallaan. A few hundred years ago, however, Hanson Mining Consolidated conducted a detailed survey of Neona, and discovered that the seabeds contained huge deposits of valuable ore. It obtained mining rights to Neona, and began building undersea mining camps, processing plants on boom rigs, and floating cities to house the miners.

As veins tapped out, the floating cities were towed into position over new mines. Some were instead linked together with the spaceport or to one another, forming over time large floating cities. The largest city, Newland, is centered around the original spaceport. It is home to over three million people.


Neona's population is largely made up of miner-employees of Hanson, most of whom are only temporary residents. These miners bring with them their own cultural traditions, and many of the urban areas are segregated according to planet of origin (most miners hail from Tapani sector).

Oftentimes these workers spend months on end out on the isolated boom rigs, only traveling to one of the floating cities on extended leave. Needless to say, the miners get a little rowdy while on leave, and since they cycle through the urban centers continuously, the bars and flophouses never close.

Life is a bit more sedate for the Neona natives who work in the many businesses built up around the mining industry. They live in their own neighborhoods which are zoned to exclude those lacking a permanent residencevisa. This measure keeps the boisterous elements out of the locals' communities


Neona's economy is based on its mining operations. When profits are high, the economy blossoms. When profits are low, it slumps.

Neona's oceanic ecosystem is relatively young, since the ice age caused planet-wide extinction. Hence, the oceans are not very productive. However, Hanson has formed a partnership with an aquaculture corporation called Aquatic Ecosystems, Inc. AEI found the oceans of Neona ripe for supporting a fullfledged aquaculture program. Now, their ocean pens dot the surface of Neona's ocean, producing several popular species of fish. The partnership included the purchase of a few factory platforms. After alteration, these roam the oceans, processing the adult fish for shipment
to Tapani sector markets


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