Sector: Mecetti Province
Rotation Period: 20 Standard Hours
Orbital Period: 404 Standard Days
Climate: Cool
Terrain: Hills
Urban Sprawls
Shallow Seas - salty
Species: Human
Population: 9.2 billion
Major Cities: Circe
Major Imports: Foodstuffs
Low tech
Major Exports: High Tech
Affiliation: House Mecetti


The center of House Mecetti's power and intrigue the planet of red ash and a dim red star is a place of intrigue, dark elements and sophisticated power that is entrenched by centuries of power.


Obulette is a small, red-brown planet with a cool dim red sun. Its dim sun casts a hellish red glow over the planet that appears to suspend it in perpetual twilight. The planet's surface is of ash-colored rock, broken only shallow, small seas. The seas are extremely salty in content, so the drinking water is either desalinated or drawn from deep wells under the rocky surface.

Much of the surface has been urbanized with impressive cities, thousands of years old. The buildings, although preserved by House Mecetti, show millennia of wear, and grimy build up. When possible manufacturing areas are kept separate from cultural centers.

Obulette's fascinating array of culture and ancient architecture makes it a popular tourist attraction. Its active fringe element also make the cities popular with those looking for shady dealings and hard-to-get black market items

Points of Interest

  • Obulette Shipyards


Obulette is a decadent world and so are its people. The surface is a dimly lit depressing locale that has left its mark on it's people. When one walks down the street, one moves briskly, avoids direct eye contact, but watches everyone.

Since Obulette's cities are so old, they are steeped in old Tapani-style architecture. Elaborate skyscrapers, halls, libraries, columns, and even plazas dominate the skyline. The locals take these items for granted, but they attract all manner of tourists. Obulette's theater and art districts are fine examples of the cultural sampling the population and tourists alike enjoy. Less savory sections of the cities reveal the underside of Obulette's ancient heritage - a crumbling infrastructure which is eating away at the urban centers a bit at a time. Fringers and plotters of all stripes can be found creeping around in the shadows of these areas, eager to escape notice as they go about their nefarious errands.


Obulette has a robust economy. Although the planet is not self-sufficient, the other worlds in Mecetti's province provide it with the essential commodities it needs. Obulette is the base for several mega-corporations. Eleven years ago, House Mecetti absorbed all of these and now a good portion of their profits fill House Mecetti's coffers. The Obulette shipyards are another viable
source of income. Open to all, they provide repair facilities to those who can't or don't desire to travel to Tallaan. House Melantha and House Pelagia vessels are strictly forbidden use of these facilities. All other houses or affiliations are welcome, but the price depends on political stance and who knows who.


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