Sector: Pelagia Province
Rotation Period: 25 Standard Hours
Orbital Period: 352 Standard Days
Climate: Temperate
Terrain: Ocean
Species: Human
Population: 27 million
Major Cities: Pelagar
Major Imports: High Technology
Major Exports: Foodstuffs - vegetables and fish
Affiliation: House Pelagia


Pelagon is a planet in the Pelagia Province of the Tapani sector and was the capital world of House Pelagia. It was a planet with a long tradition of providing many Jedi, such as Taj Junak. As a result, it was stripped of much of its power during the Great Jedi Purge.

It was an oceanic planet of warm waters and a pleasant climate which made it an attractive site for the early colonists who came to the planet nearly 13,000 BBY. The colonists gathered raw materials from surrounding ore-rich worlds and built huge platforms above the waterline where great cities, called seascapes, were erected. Some of these artificial landmasses were kilometers across and at the height of Pelagia's influence were over 20 in number

At the bottom of the oceans of Pelagon there were ancient ruins that pre-dated the arrival of the colonists. As part of House Pelagia's secretive reconstruction and build-up program these constructions were utilized to build research stations, storage depots and hideouts.



Pelagon is a water world that has been navigated by House Pelagia but ingenious platforms which number around twenty. They continue to grow such platforms to expand its holdings over the vast oceans.

Points of Interest

  • Floating city platforms


One of the many planets within the Tapani Empire, it is ruled over by the noble House Pelagia. The house has a reputation for honor and hospitality but there is a definite caste system despite this.


The economy is openly based on the fishing exports the ocean provides but House Pelagia has other efforts in hidden ruins on the ocean floors. This secret is guarded closely by the house.


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