Sector: Reena Province
Rotation Period: 25 Standard Hours
Orbital Period: 360 Standard Days
Climate: Temperate
Terrain: Oceans
Species: Humans
Population: 2.1 million
Major Cities: Renata
Major Imports: High Tech
Major Exports: Information
Affiliation: House Reena


The moons around Reena have turbolasers for the planets defense but House Mecetti controls them.


It is a temperate planet covered 90 percent by warm shallow seas. The remainder of the surface is
covered with thousands of islands. These range in size from a few kilometers across to Reena's
largest landmass, a full 220 kilometers in diameter. Reena is known in the Tapani sector as the "planet with a thousand thousand islands" although this is an exaggeration.

These islands are dedicated to specific functions. Most are urbanized to the point that the entire island is covered with modern city structures. Others are dedicated to cropland, university campuses, and starports. Transportation between islands is accomplished with watercraft, repulsorcraft, and cloud cars.

Points of Interest:

  • University of Reena - has a vast archive


Reena is the host world of the university of Reena. As such, the university's influence can be seen all over the planet. Since natives of Reena get a tuition break, most attend the university at one point or another. Therefore, inhabitants tend to be highly educated, giving the people a pompous, arrogant air about themselves.

The university has an immense amount of funds available and has attracted the galaxy's
finest educators to its halls. The School of the Arts dominates the cities, putting on free performances for all to attend. These include art shows, music recitals, as well as holovids and
concerts. To live on Reena is to immerse oneself in a myriad of cultural pursuits for no cost. However, the university tends to frown on athletic pursuits, so Reena inhabitants generally don't pursue the sports scene.


Reena's economy is centered on the University of Reena. Between grants from sector corporations, tuition, and donations from House Mecetti, the planet is in stable financial condition.

Several of the islands are owned by the government and used to produce crops. These crops are primarily used on Reena, but excess is snipped to less fertile planets for a fair profit. Reena's oceans teem with fish and the planet has numerous fishing vessels to harvest this natural resource. This effort is carefully monitored by the university to prevent overfishing. Recently, the fishermen have begun harvesting a species of long fronded algae that's becoming a delicacy across the sector


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