Sector: Freewolds Region
Rotation Period: 22 Standard Hours
Orbital Period: 355 Standard Days
Climate: Temperate
Terrain: Forest
Species: Human
Population: 67 billion
Major Cities: Tallaan City
Major Imports: Foodstuffs
Low tech
Medicinal goods
Major Exports: High Tech
Land vehicles
Trade goods
Affiliation: League of Tapani Freeworlds


Tallaan was a planet in Tapani sector's Freeworlds Territory at the confluence of the Giju Run, the Procopian Shipping Lane, and the Shapani Bypass. It was best known for its starship production.


A terrestrial world, Tallaan was a temperate climate that consisted of landmasses ranging from urban to forest, rivers to oceans.

Points of Interest

  • Soun-Giju
  • Tallaani Shipyards
  • Heatherdowns Hotel and Track
  • CMG Guildhouse


Tallaan's population was very independent-minded, and treated neighboring nobles and others with inherited titles with a polite courtesy at best. They also took offense to the suggestion that their world gained its wealth solely due to its position on intercepting shipping lanes, preferring to credit their world's success on its peoples' strong work ethic.

Tallaan had a large number of temporary inhabitants, who lived on the planet part of the year to manage trades and transfer cargo. Tallaan had a large alien population, and there were many enclaves on the planet where aliens gathered to live among their own kind. This contributed to the vibrant culture of Tallaan, it was a good place to emerge oneself in, for example, Herglic cuisine.

Tallaan's government consisted of the Trade Commission, a council which elected one of its own as First Executive to lead the planet. While on paper the council members represented the people of their electorate, they most often spent their time and energies seeing to the needs of the various corporate interests in their respective communities. The Ministry of Orbital Commerce was widely considered the most powerful administration on Tallaan due to it overseeing the orbital stations, shipyards, and the millions of financial transactions associated with them each day, such as the massive portion of Tallaan's dockyards leased by the Thyferran government to inspect transported bacta, which by law could not be done in Thyferran space.


Tallaan derived most of its economy from trade, being situated at the intersection of several important hyperlanes. It was the most active trading world in the sector. It also had prominent mid- and high-tech industries of its own. Tallaan hosted several prominent spaceship manufacturing firms (including the Tapani Starship Cooperative) as well as companies that made vehicles such as tractors and transports, and repulsorlift vehicles such as speeders. Since Tallaan was able to obtain raw ore at very low prices, its goods could be manufactured and sold far under standard galactic prices. Though there were superior and better-established brands around, Tallaani vehicles were popular in the Colonies and Inner Rim because of the low prices and high quality.


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