Sector: Barnaba Province
Rotation Period: 27 Standard Hours
Orbital Period: 320 Standard Days
Climate: Moderate
Terrain: Forests
Species: Various
Population: 750,000 + tourists
Major Cities: Leisa
Major Imports: Everything
Major Exports: None
Affiliation: House Barnaba


Vycinyth was a forested resort planet in the Barnaba Province of the Tapani sector. Its Tapani Arts and Sports Complex accommodated swoop races, shockboxing, and Cracian thumper races. The planet was orbited by four space casinos and the moon Vilhon.

The Rebel Alliance cell, the Pelagia Freedom Force, maintained a number of spies on Vycynith. It also had a safehouse on the planet.


The lovely temperate planet of Vycinyth was a powerhouse in moneymaking for House Barnaba. Millions of tourists flocked to the planet yearly. Beautiful expansive forests, beaches and mountains drew active tourists.

Many resort towns dotted the planet's surface but two of the largest cities were Leisa and Pleia as the two leading urban centers. Leisa's architecture is of great note having been uniquely sculpted to be aesthetically pleasing.


Points of Interest

  • Leisa
  • Pleia
  • Tapani Arts and Sports Complex
  • Orbital casinos


Vyncinyth is one of the most prominent destination planets and the various sentients that live permanently there means that the culture itself is varied wildly. One thing stands out as common is that it is ruled by a Tapani House so there are the particular values and traditions as well as holidays that are celebrated on the planet. But it is definitively a melting pot of species.


House Barnaba imports most of its goods to see to the prospering tourism. All of its gains come from taxes and mark up of the sales of items run solely on the influx of customers. The orbital casinos see a lot of use and thus are a main proponent of the cash flow of the planet.


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