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PLEASE READ: Below is a list of already claimed actors and actresses for actively played characters or NPCs. They are listed in alphabetical order by actor. If you are uncertain if someone with a Played By you are interested in is active, contact staff. If you need help finding a Played By contact staff and we can help you.



Aisha Dee as Linara Bathos

Andrew Garfield as Jasker Arabella

Anna May Wong as Song Sen'Li

Christopher Lee as Weston Warsheld

Danielle Henney as Davine Warsheld

Erin Moriarty as Vail Arabella

Imogen Poots as Ceren A'Kana

Javier Bardem as Hycliff Romero

Jeremy Irons as Kresis A'Kana

Maggie Q as Zenna Warsheld

Michael Evans Behling as Xemeer Bathos

Natalie Dormer as Ilones Cleary

Orlando Jones as Bode Redaan

Rebecca Hazlewood as Bocorro Fen

Ruth Negga as Boudicea Redaan

Sean Teale as Xer Bathos

Tamsin Egerton as Varin Arabella

Yara Shahidi as Adeen Bathos



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