Below are a list of all the major story arcs run by staff and approved player arcs. They affect most of the grid and change politics of the area as well as alliances. The first link is to events both social and other and the last is a collective repository for all logs no matter whether they are social, events or plots.

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Prologue: The Deception of Peace

Though under Imperial authority, The Tapani Sector has long been insulated from the machinations of the galaxy at large. Though left largely alone by both the Imperial war machine and the Rebel Alliance, until now, the vast amount of mineral and technological wealth that flows from the Sector is beginning to attract attention. Noble houses sense the weakness of their rivals, relying on subterfuge and manipulation to assert their dominance. The Rebellion, realizing the importance of the Tapani Sector to the Imperial war effort, begins secreting operatives within its borders, prompting the Imperial Security Bureau to respond in turn. Beneath it all, a people begin to feel the pressure of a conflict kept just at bay and a movement espousing Freedom for all citizens of the Tapani sector, free from the abuses of Tapani noble houses, grows.

Any logs influenced by this plot need to have the tag prologue.

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