Tapani News Station
Sector: Tapani
  • Jocasta Nuun
  • Kal Ropia
Location: Procopia
Tag: tns

You can trust us to be your number one news source in the galaxy!

TNS has been informing the Tapani sector for well over two hundred galactic years. We come to you as a solid news source with only the homegrown newscasters you have always come to respect and depend on. Integrity! We seek to give you the truth clear and unvarnished so that you can make the best decision and live as part of our everchanging galaxy. Where the big news stations will keep you wanting to know more details we not only keep you appraised of what is happening outside but also within. With a keen eye for the community and charity we promote the programs that seek to give back to the sector and its inhabitants.

Needing a pep talk for your morning caf then look no further than Cup of Caf with your hosts Halgen Badoon and Re'deez Wuyrds. Fun and light hearted they are sure to get you going!

Perhaps you are just looking for that hard hitting journalism with nothing but the facts. Join Jocasta Nuun for the Mid Day Message to update you on everything from the stocks to the weather expected!

And end your day with Kal Ropia bringing you his overview of the galaxy sometimes with special guests!

We not only seek to keep you informed but to arm you with the information for your daily life.

Remember, T is for Trust!

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